What does it take to change a life? Time. Hard work. God’s love. And support… every day, every step of the way. 

Our Faithful Friends Club partners provide extraordinary support each month for people recovering from homelessness, addiction, and poverty. Simply put… they make it possible to care for those in need, every step of the way!  

Just look at how your monthly partnership will help: 

  • Regular support! We know we can count on you each month.  
  • Automatic donations! Helps keep our costs down and blesses you, too, knowing that you’re remembering hurting people every single month.
  • Life-changing results! Your monthly gift means more help for more people.  

Your help is especially critical now, as more and more people are struggling with challenges they can’t overcome on their own.

Provide the support and care they need each month as they change their lives through God’s love. Please – become a Faithful Friends Club monthly partner now!

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