More women and children in our community are experiencing homelessness.

On any given night, 200+ women and children have nowhere to call home. They’re turning here for safe shelter… a hot meal… and support as they get back on their feet.  

In response, we’re launching our Safe & Sound Campaign with a $9 million goal – your gift will renovate a 42,492-square-foot facility in Evansville into a safe, beautiful space designed specifically for vulnerable women and children.  

This new space – The Susan H. Snyder Center for Women and Children – will be the only facility of its kind in Evansville for up to 120 women recovering from homelessness, abuse, and other big challenges in their lives. 

In addition to immediate help, our Safe & Sound Campaign will also offer women discipleship in our P.A.C.E.S. (Purpose, Accountability, Christ-centered, Education, and Service) program. They’ll have support as they address the roots of their homelessness – and through counseling, classes, and God’s love, they’ll learn healthy, new patterns of living.  

Please, don’t wait! Growing numbers of women and children in Evansville and our Tri-State area need your help today. Please invest generously now to help more women and children find a safe place to call home tonight… and a second chance in their lives.

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